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Company CH-PRINT a.s. is producer of one-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circiut boards with many different surface treatment, screen printing, drawing films and complex preparation of datas for this processes.

Company CH-PRINT a.s. is an owner of certification ISO 9001 (System of quality management).

For our quality and responsibility speaks these aspect:

  • Tradition - more than 30 years experience with the production of printed circuit boards (PCB), which are used mainly for difficult applications, give suppose for professional work with the customer requirements.
  • Quality - is guaranted by application of certified quality management system by STN EN ISO 9001:2009, which is the base for quality work, complexity of offered services and meeting with customer requirements.
  • Employers - well qualified employers are one of the main point for the succesfull handle of customers requirements.
  • Technology - quality technological equipment, top technologies, ingredients and materials from well known producers are another attributes of succesfully developing company.
  • Enviroment - strict look on ecology is the very important point for our employers.

All these basic requirements for our company are fullfilled and used from the processing of customers datas through the whole production process and untill final delivery of PCB´s to final customer.

Our customer is our partner.